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Episode #2 – jam vs. gem

July 28th, 2006 by Sebastian

"We have a jam-packed show for you." or "We have a gem-packed show for you."

Shel and Neville have both of course, with For Immediate Release, but still, it’s good to know the difference.

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  • here we go here we go here we goooo, this is an ipod- all about a cap/hat

    sebastian betreibt nun einen neuen service fr alle diejenigen, die ber broadband etwas an ihrem englisch tun wollen. teil eins gibts hier und teil zwei ist auch schon zu genieen.
    fazit: suuuper. sebastian vereint wissen mit witz mit …

  • What about jam in the sense of marmalade? I always said it with a very wide A (the italian A) almost like sun.

  • @marziotta: jam (marmalade) is the same as discussed in the show. although it should be noted that I mostly use American pronunciation