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Episode #34 – Xplicit: bowl vs. bowel

January 24th, 2007 by Sebastian

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  • I’d like to thank you for yours podcasts. I found this website today and I recon that it’s great job. Big advantage of that stuff is that it’s different and not boring like another podcasts.

  • Darius, thanks for your comment.

  • Hi, excellent job! your podcast is very helpful to me. I know it’s little bit out of what you’re doing in the podcast but could you please explain some easy way the using of indef. and def. articles and when “a” article is pronounced like starting alphabet and when the short way. I hope other listeners will appreciate this, if not no problem not doing it. Thanks very much

  • sorry, but… what does “xplicit” mean? I want an official definition =)

  • @Martin: I haven’t forgotten you 😉
    @Jack: Xplicit means, there is a chance that some listeners might be offended by the words discussed or the words used to explain 😉