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Episode #42 – bare vs. bear

March 19th, 2007 by Sebastian

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  • Hi, excellent job! your podcast is very helpful to me. I know it’s little bit out of what you’re doing in the podcast but could you please explain some easy way the using of indef. and def. articles and when “a” article is pronounced like starting alphabet and when the short way. I hope other listeners will appreciate this, if not no problem not doing it. Thanks very much

  • Thanks for the feedback, I’ll try to address that in the next two weeks.

  • as far as I remember you can also say for example “I cannot bear it anymore!”… I can’t take it anymore, can’t accept it etc. and cambridge also says that in the states people say “ber”.

    p.s. it seems your Great Dictionary experienced a lag 🙂 anyway, thanks.

  • @jack: there are almost always more meanings than the ones I explain… got to keep it within 5 minutes-ish 😉
    haven’t watched the episode again, so what’s that about my dictionary?

  • well sorry then… I just thought your dictionary had come across as not so smart 🙂