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Episode #61 – heard vs. herd vs. hurt

October 23rd, 2007 by Sebastian

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  • Technical suggestion:
    The content of a single page is so huge that it takes several minutes just to open it and I do not have a slow internet connection (3Mb/s). Maybe it is worthwile to split it into subpages (say 10 episodes each). That would save a lot of time.
    Great work though. I like the clarity of explaination.

  • Hi Robert, thanks for the suggestion. Originally, I had it with 10 episodes only, however, other users remarked that iTunes was only displaying the most recent 10 shows. I am not that tech-savvy, so at the moment I stand at either all shows in the feed and all on the page, or a quicker page and not all shows in iTunes. It is good of you to point that out though, b/c even I think the loading time e.g. of the side bar is way too long.

  • verdammt noch mal sebastian… ich als neulondoner muss echt sagen das sich deine podcast’s teilweise als überlebensnotwendig erwiesen haben… auf diesem weg mal danke…danke…danke… zudem hab ich immer ein grinsen im gesicht…auch dafür danke… (hast du eigentlich schon mal love and laugh zerlegt?… )
    bis dann peter

  • Peter. Danke dir fürs nette Feedback, kommt in die nächste Show!