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Episode #67 – X-mas, X-Wing, X-ing

December 30th, 2007 by Sebastian

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  • Dear Sebastian,
    first thanks for the cool Vodcast, just one thing when I’ve tried to join the facebook group of your I realise that the link have a extra H it’s hhttp:// instead of http://

  • Dear Saleh, that link must have been dead for about three months now. Big thanks for pointing this out!

  • Hi there,
    what I remembered from Australia was the words “XING AHEAD” written onto the pavement, and looking at http://www.flickr.com/photos/wmliu/120244433/ and similar photos, I would say that “XING” can stand for “crossing” (which makes sense to me, since you save the space that the dash would take up).
    I think Lars Hinrichs (founder of XING, the social network) referred to their name change in the Elektrischer Reporter vcast, saying that you can call it however you want (mentioning “k-sing”, “crossing” and “ching” as possibilities himself). I won’t comment on whether or not this is a smart statement/decision to make, but I feel there is reason to keep the “crossing” appellation for XING alive and blame them for coming up with it.
    Now, enough of being a smart-ass, I applaud your effort in putting out these podcasts. Have a great 2008!

  • Hey smart-ass, (I like your name 😉 )
    I wrote a lengthy comment here (http://sebastiankeil.wordpress.com/2008/01/05/xing-xing-xing-%e2%80%93-katsching/#comment-267) which I assume you are able to read.
    I am just a man with opinions 😉
    thanks for the applause, thanks even more for watching.
    have a great 2008 yourself!

  • good morning and Happy New Year, Seb!
    coincidentally I got to this x-mas addition just on time!
    wicked, isn’t it?
    ta! =))