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Episode #75 – listen, listen, listen

March 27th, 2008 by Sebastian

When you learn a new language it is very important to listen to it constantly. And especially when you think you know all about it. Here are three suggestions to improve your English:

Jaffe Juice, Episode #100, with the South African accent.

The Gang, with the challenge of multiple speakers.

For Immediate Release, with the Brit and the American.

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  • hey, Seb, brilliant stuff!
    I didn’t know those…
    and my favourites are:
    Listen-to-English (charismatic Brit)
    The Bob and Rob show (the American and the Brit. love these guys!)
    PotterPodcast =) (that’s fun, especially for Harry Potter’s fans)

  • by the way, I think there are five levels of listening. For my money, of course 😉

    1) Podcasts (and adapted stuff for learners)
    2) Music
    3) Radio + TV + movies
    4) Audiobooks (can be extremely tough)
    5) Real People =)