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Episode #90 – hoot vs. hood

September 12th, 2008 by Sebastian

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  • Hi Sebastian
    I got to know your blog just a few months ago, so I started downloading all the old podcasts, from the beggining. I must say that they are really amazing, and you’ve been helping me a lot with my spoken english (I can feel the improvement). Thank you!!
    The only problem is: now the right menu with the link to all the old podcasts is gone 😛 What’s happened? I hope it gets back soon 😀
    Bye for now

  • Thanks for the nice comment. And thanks for pointing out that the archive is gone, I hadn’t noticed that, will work on it this evening.

  • Cris, I fixed the design. The archive widget seems to not be transformed in an advanced template. I will leave it like this for now, but you could also always get the back issues here: http://revver.com/u/planetsab

  • Oh, thank you very much, Sebastian! Keep up the great work, bye bye!

  • Funny and useful resource, thank you!!!