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Episode #102 – slang: douche bag

December 29th, 2008 by Sebastian

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  • Your interpretation of the fact that women in Europe don’t use douche bags is so wise. If most women do something it must be a stupidity or a really dirty thing for sure! No wonder they’re second-class human beings in the world. They’ve got no brains! And they’re so dirty! Hairy legs and not using douches in Europe! How disgusting!
    Then, what do they spend their time in? Have they got anything else to do apart from looking pretty according to what they are told pretty is – and we do spend tons of money in that, don’t we? Decent tax payers’ money! What are their values? And surely, their vaginas must be really dirty!!! Poor men!!! (those who get the chance to go to bed with them, I mean).
    It’s such a relief we’ve got individuals like you to help us understand the female human being… Thanks for this warning. It’ll surely make this world a better place, like you and your hat. Indians must be so proud that you picked it as the symbol of your podcast. Let’s hope you make tons of money with it.

  • Thank you Aspasia for your comment. I went back to listen to what I said to make sure before commenting.
    I never said that I think European women are dirty due to not using a douche bag. I just said that I don’t know of a European women who knows what a douche bag is. And I also didn’t say that having hair under your arm pits is dirty or disgusting, I just pointed out that I have heard Americans foster the cliché that many European women don’t shave their arm pits.
    At no point did I pass judgement on women, I am sorry if my words could be missunderstood.
    Finally, as for the hat, I bought it in Sweden and am wearing it because I constantly have bad hair days and want to hide that fact, so that nobody can say, the Germans have ugly hair.
    PS: yes, the last line regarding the hat was a little bit tongue in cheek.

  • In my circle of friends (in Texas), the term ‘douche bag’ is sometimes used for teasing and joking. It can still be a strong word, but it all depends on context and tone of voice.
    By the way, I just found your site this morning while searching for info on ‘gray’ versus ‘grey’. I’m really enjoying your podcasts. Great stuff! 🙂

  • Hi Bethany,
    thanks for your comment, and thanks for not getting offended.

  • I thought that you described the douche bad well. I am 60 years young and have known about that device for many years. I was born and raised here in California, USA. I have only watched two of your podcasts so far, but intend to watch all of them, in time. I have always been interested in teaching people who come to this country to live, our customs and our pop culture. My fiancee is from Mexico and has been here for 30 years and is a citizen, but does not know alot of things that would be common to those raised here in the USA. For instance, when we hear the song “dueling banjos”, the movie Deliverance comes to mind and the content of that movie. That is something that I could not explain to my fiancee. I rented the movie and we watched it and now he understands and feels good that he can relate to it when someone mentions the movie or he hears the song. Know what I mean? You should include this in some of your podcasts. Let me know if you need me to help you out, I would love it.

  • Thanks Linda. Bringing in more cultural references is definitely on the list, maybe I’ll start with Going to the mattresses…

  • Going to the mattresses? Never heard of that one. Please reference that saying some time.

  • Thanks Sebastian, I will look at it.