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Episode #111 – as vs. ass

April 4th, 2009 by Sebastian

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  • Thanks for another great episode! Actually I didn’t know that there is a difference in pronunciation, so thanks a lot for making a simple but very useful explanation (this difference could cost a lot of embarrassment) 🙂

  • very nice! it’s one of those things that always get me confused! thank you for taking your time to help us 🙂

  • @Priscilla thanks for writing in!

  • As you said, the ‘as’ is pronounce with z at the end, but unfortunately ‘us’ is pronounce with s and therefore hard for me to distinguish from ass. I wish it was ‘AS VS. ASS VS. US’. However it’s still a great episode – thank you.

  • @Karol: I’ll think about it 😉