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Episode #112 – some vs. sum

April 17th, 2009 by Sebastian

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  • Episode #112 went live on the website last night: http://tinyurl.com/cwo5fl

  • I really like your site.. it really helps a lot of non-native speakers like me.. Thank you so much for your time and effort

  • Hi Tommy,
    thanks for the feedback!
    You’re very welcome, tell your friends, too!

  • Hello Sebastian,
    Thanks for another great episode! I wanted to offer another way to distinguish these two words (actually even 2, but second is too mathematical :). People can think of the “sum” as a “Union” of “s” and “m” (it unites them) or as in your example about people saying something and all of that is being “summed up”, in other words the Matters are United in a Short form.
    Best regards,

    –Taras Tsugriy