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Episode #124 – father vs. farther vs. further

October 26th, 2009 by Sebastian

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  • Hi Sab: These podcasts are great. On this farther/further thing(which is even confusing to a native speaker) I think the best explanation I have heard is that the two words are interchangeable except in one meaning:

    Further can mean” In addition to” or “Additionally” in a certain context (for example if you are making a point about something and want to add other facts–usually for emphasis) whereas farther can never be used that way.

  • Hey Sue, I thought I said just that (interchangeable except for “in addition” to) but maybe I wasn’t clear enough.
    Thanks for your comment 😉

  • You definitely said that. I was just giving my input as a native speaker.

  • Just checking 😉

  • thanks, for this sweat podcast! i got a question though about what you’re wearing it is spelled chullo (i suppose) but how is it pronounced ?

  • just forgot to check “Notify..”

  • Hi Seb,
    First of all congratulation. sincerely, I am very happy for you and your family.
    I agree with the other comments, it is little bit confusing (farther and further).

    Take care man ++

  • Thanks Mehdi for the gratulations, she is doing great so far.
    @Tod: What AM I wearing? You mean the hat? I bought it in Sweden and I call it hat, lol.

  • i’m a tad slacker ! don’t wanna flip through videos to find out where you are from! so can you please tell me where are you from originally!?
    and that hat you bought from here, i found sth in Wikipedia:
    as you see it’s called chullo . My question is how do you pronounce it.
    and have a scary Halloween with a lot of ghosts and candy lol

  • @Tod I am from Hamburg, Germany. And look at that Wikipedia page again, there is a pronounciation guide in parenthesis right there.

  • i’ve checked that pronunciation guide in there but as you see they’ve put weird symbles that you really can’t find in any dictionary but a Spanish one!!
    Thanks man, and keep it up :))

  • Hi ! I ‘m Italian. Today,for the very first time, I found your podcast on itunes and followed with interest your ‘lesson’ about father, farther, and further… just want to say thank you and good luck with your new baby!

  • @Paola thank you. and thank you for watching!