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Episode #125 – do not vs. donut vs. donate

November 13th, 2009 by Sebastian

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  • Hello, Sebastian.
    Thanks a lot for another great episode. It’s as always very useful and giving associations really helps keep different words apart.
    And about your question – you could do phrasal verbs in any way, but it would be superb if you do them in shorties (which I really miss 🙂
    Keep it real 🙂

  • Hey Sab: What in tarnation is a phrasal verb? I must have been asleep in that grammar class. Oh yes, I think I slept through that entire year. I have to say that even as a native speaker of English I love these podcasts. They really get me thinking about my own language.

  • @Sue: Phrasal Verbs are verbs with a different contextual meaning than it’s literal meaning, e.g. get over s.th.