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Episode #136 – fortunate

May 7th, 2010 by Sebastian

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  • Hello, Sebastian! I’m sure this time you spend with your children will give you a lots of moments we are living for and your children will appreciate it as much as you. I can’t image how hard it is to look after two little children but most of the parents consider this time as the most remarkable in their lives and it’s sad that a lot of them have to work hard to pay the bills and absolutely miss these days. Hope this time will show your children who’s their best friend and advisor, who can protect ’em and ready to help at any moment. Thank you very much that even though you were so tired you’ve managed to create very good podcast. Actually it’s even a whole new genre, since you’ve managed to explain very clearly what is it to be fortunate. This has not only great teaching effectiveness but also learn all of us (your listeners) and your children what are the real values we need to appreciate in our lives.
    Thanks again and have a great time!

  • thank you, that’s very kind.