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Episode #139 – quickie: how to pronounce ‘sword’

June 10th, 2010 by Sebastian

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  • Cindy, How right you are about it being simpler to do things without a permit. Even though it was the least risky option, it has definitely proven to be the most difficult. I don't even think the people who work in the permit department realize how difficult it is. When we got approval to go ahead with the planning (before the building permit process), they were as excited as we were. I don't think any of us realized the building codes would keep us from doing the coniresvon. All along, I thought once we got special permission from the planning department, the rest would be a piece of cake. Such a learning process!

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  • This point is well taken. In short, Greece, Spain et al. are selling off their income producing assets and committing financial suicide because of political corruption. The treasonous “socialists” are to the right of the “conservatives” in our post-Orwellian political climate. The comparison with IPO numbers is very appropriate to illustrate the proportions. As Oky1 points out, the rampant corruption, treason, kleptocracy and tyrranny can be answered with only one thing. Unfortunately ignorance, denial, super-sophisticated propaganda systems, diversions and the Collective Action Dilemma are preventing a mass unified rebellion.